Beyond Backtesting: Build Better Systems

Graybox Systems, Proprietary Tools, Better Systems, & Real Education for the Self Directed and Professional Futures Traderascending

With a goal of…

At Beyond Backtesting, our mission is to raise the bar by providing best of class ideas, tools, and training that you can use to learn how to build systems, improve your existing systems, and take your discretionary trading to the next level with advanced gray box systems.

Our primary audience is the self-directed trader with high motivation and the desire to to trade for oneself.  We seek to enable the self directed trader to reach a higher level of success.

Our research is building top quality professional grade robust trading systems that perform. We seek to demonstrate and teach how to use machine learning and other other advanced techniques in an approachable manner using familiar tools such as NinjaTrader and Tradestation.

Beyond traditional systems, one of our specific focus areas is the development of gray box systems which can enable the already skillful discretionary trader to achieve a higher level of success. Developing gray box systems that enable the discretionary futures day trader to perform at higher level involves unique challenges and special considerations uncommon to traditional system development.

Approachable and Understandable
We seek to write content and develop approaches that are understandable and useful for traders at all levels. While we develop custom software as needed, we actively use and support the popular NinjaTrader, Multicharts, and Tradestation platforms.

Why? Seeking High Value Ideas
The motivation is synergistic synthesis. One goal is to enable traders who have a strong ability to predict markets and trade with discretion to create a stronger framework that’s underpinned with quantitative and systematic advantages, that seek to enhance existing skills and abilities through novel applications of technology.